Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cafe Bonbon - Espresso with Sweetened Condensed Milk [Zack]

That cheesy Folgers commercial is right.  Whenever I smell coffee in the morning, I am transported back to breakfast/brunch with my parents.  I loved the smell/taste of coffee so much, I remember sitting on the kitchen counter as a child, eating the spent grounds out of the filter. 

I don’t drink coffee regularly, but I sometimes treat myself to a cup on the weekends.  Since it’s a special occasion, I’m forever on the quest to find my favorite cup of coffee.  Lauren and I were visiting Berlin and we stopped in the Impala CafĂ©.  Their self-named “Impala Coffee” happened to be my favorite I’ve ever had (I later found out this is called a Cafe Bonbon).  The preparation was simple:  super-strong espresso poured over sweetened condensed milk in a shot glass.  As you sip and stir the coffee, the condensed milk adds a creamy sweet flavor, which perfectly balances the bitter and rich coffee flavors.  I had to remind myself that I couldn’t drink 8 of them, or else I wouldn’t be able to walk out of the shop.


Brew your favorite brand of super strong coffee/espresso.  If you have an espresso machine, use it.  I just packed a French press with a larger-than-recommended dose of grounds.  Add a small pinch of salt to the coffee grounds to bring out the depth of flavors.

Get a shot glass or other glass vessel and add the sweetened condensed milk to taste.  A large part of the experience is visual, so make sure they can see through the glass to see the beautiful contrast of the deep brown coffee and the white espresso.  My personal ratio is about 2/3 coffee, 1/3 sweetened condensed milk.

Pour your espresso into the glass, and serve with a spoon alongside so you can stir the drink.

espresso or very strong coffee – brewed with whatever contraption you have
a small pinch of salt
sweetened condensed milk
a clear glass
a spoon

Song:  D’angelo: Spanish Joint  (I can’t get enough of this song)

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