About Us

Mama Tommy's was the name of the garlic butter company Tom had for a while.  The name of the site came about because we all learned the recipe from him and it helped us realize that we loved sharing cooking experiences with each other.  In one way or another, each of us has learned a lot from each other and even though we are geographically apart, we stay close

On the authors:

Currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium.  He learned how to do small things in the kitchen growing up and developed a great appreciation for food from having home-cooked family dinners at least 6 nights a week.  When he went to college, he found he loved grilling for friends and wanted to start making his own BBQ sauce.  From there, he learned how to cook most basic things.  He learned that being creative in the kitchen and not relying on recipies is his preferred cooking style by cooking with Tom in Florida. 

He is stubborn and dislikes measuring ingredients (sorry if the recipes are sparse sometimes).  He really enjoys learning how food is made (for example, curing meats) and likes experimenting.  Food economics and politics are also very interesting to him.

Lives in West Hollywood - recently moving there from Brooklyn where his passion for cooking really began. He spent a summer in Parma, Italy, learning a handful of cooking secrets from his non-english speaking roommates. He started cooking pizzas, then other Italian dishes, and has expanded way beyond since. Matt focuses on getting the freshest ingredients and keeping recipes as simple as possible - using what you have to make the dish work, etc.

Currently lives in Chicago and cooks frequently for his friends.  He went on a trip to Italy with Zack and learned to recreate authentic Spaghetti Carbonara after sampling quite a few dishes.  He has been learning to make quick meals for himself and has picked up a lot of tricks from his family.

Rhonda & Mike
We live in New Albany, Ohio, a small (but growing) suburb of Columbus, known for white fences, Georgian homes, and the Abercrombie & Fitch headquarters. (Don't laugh--it's an amazing campus.)

Our sons Zack, Matt, and Nick were subjected family dinners at least 6 nights a week. Yes, there was good food, but always time for stories, sports wrap-ups and kidding, sometimes followed by, "Mom! Make him stop." (What family doesn't have that?)

I literally couldn't make Jello--huh? hot water and cold water?--when I married Mike. There was a cooking school in Manhattan right on 84th Street, down the block from where we lived, and I thought it a splendid option. I had no idea how much I'd love it.

Of course, Mike's brother Tom helped with the cause too. He showed me very simple things like chicken kebabs marinated in soy, pineapple juice and minced garlic. Thank you, Tom, for all your patience. I clipped every food column from the Sunday magazine section of the New York Times, many written by Molly O'Neill, whom I've met several times since.

Fancy five-hour recipes or ten minute throw-togethers--it doesn't matter. It's all about hanging with the ones you love while you refuel, having a little face time. And yes, discussing how to make the short ribs a tad better next try.

Mike has always been the classic griller. He's amazing with grilled shrimp and salmon, which he doesn't even eat but still cooks perfectly. He grew up in his dad's diner working as a short order cook. The SNL skit "cheeseburger, cheeseburger, Pepsi," made him laugh harder than anything. My favorite Mike creation from the early years was an omelette with peppers, onions, American cheese, and--get this--pepperoni. I didn't know that was allowed!

Tom & June
Currently live in Jacksonville, Florida.

June was raised in Minnesota and was basically a meat and potatoes girl.  After moving to Arizona (where snow wasn't a problem), she fell in love with grilled food.  She's become the "grill master" of the house and grills year-round.

When Zack lived in Jacksonville a few years ago, June & Zack had a "rib throw-down".  We had about 20 or so people over, 2 grills going, about 12 racks of ribs and the challenge was on!  Surprisingly, there was a tie as to who had the best ribs!
Tongs drawn - may the best grillmaster win!
Tom was a freelance photographer (originally from New York City) and traveled around the world experiencing a lot of different cultures and ate at some of the best restaurants in each country he visited.  He also worked in a number of restaurants but finds his passion in cooking for friends and family.  He takes leftovers to a new height and can create a sensational meal out of things in the pantry.  He always says, "don't ask me to make that again unless you're writing it down."  He has a special talent for putting some of the most unsuspecting ingredients together to create a unique and wonderful dish.

"Mama Tommy's originated from Tom's first business venture - "Mama Tommy's Garlic Butter".  He made and packaged it at home and sold it to some of the most well known stores in New York City.

Tom and June were married in 2008 on the carousel in St. Augustine.   They not only joined their lives but their cooking as well.  Tom was June's inspiration to try new and different things - in eating and cooking.  June's "pickiness" and "I don't eat that" challenged Tom to create dishes that she might actually like!  Together they have created some incredible dishes.
Our wedding day!
They have 3 fluffy paw children - Kendall & Jackson (coincidently June's favorite chardonnay) and Delilah - who came to dinner and never left.

Kendall - he thinks the pillows are there just for him
Jackson - always dressed for the occassion

Delilah - what a princess!

Family & friends - the guys cook Easter dinner.
Tom, Zack, Steve, Alex.