Monday, April 1, 2013

Fiery Sriracha Shrimp [Rhonda]

The flavors are vivid. The visual is pretty.
And the time it takes to execute is next to nothing.

Adjust the sriracha for the babies in your group...this ratio is potent and terrific.

Fiery Sriracha Shrimp
Degree of difficulty: super easy
Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4 to 6 as an appetizer

2 tablespoons butter
6 tablespoons Sriracha
3 cloves minced garlic
1 pound peeled and deveined shrimp
1 tablespoon lemon zest
2 tablespoons minced fresh mint
2 tablespoons minced fresh basil
OR 2 tablespoons cilantro without the mint and basil

Preparation: Melt butter in skillet. Add Sriracha.

Sauté minced garlic in it and toss in shrimp.
Just before they're done, add lemon zest and mint and basil and let them wilt.
Serve on a platter with toothpicks or thread onto decorative skewers.

Suggested soundtrack: Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30--Allegro ma non tanto

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