Tuesday, May 29, 2012

World's Easiest Summer Lunch [Rhonda]

World's Easiest Summer Lunch
Degree of difficulty: what did I just say? Easiest!
Time: 5 minutes, if.
Serves: one very hungry dancer or two politely sharing.

Columbus was enjoying almost-record heat, and after going hard for an hour-plus at a Michael Nicholson hip hop event in a large gym with 150 sweaty others, no AC, no fans, I came back home obviously hot, but famished, needing something filling but cool, and right now. And maybe mayonnaise wouldn't immediately spring to mind, but when you mix it with two ingredients and gently coat cooled steamed shrimp or (splurge!) crab meat, it makes one amazing summer salad.

Magic Mayo:
1 big dollop any brand real mayo
1 small splash ponzu
1 slightly bigger splash good soy sauce (I like Yamasa brand)
Mix and serve, baby, mix and serve.

Suggested soundtrack: Big Sean's "Early in the Morning" (not responsible for the content of this message)

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