Saturday, September 24, 2011

The best grilled cheese sandwich [Mike]

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich… Everyone’s reinventing it… including restaurants. Like Gooeyz, down near campus at Ohio State. Or the new chain of grilled cheese restaurants that add ingredients: veggies, Mediterranean cheddar, pesto, black olives, pastrami, salami, bacon of course…even sauerkraut.

Why can’t they leave a good thing alone!

The best grilled cheese sandwiches ever were made by my mother. Simple… easy… quick… great tasting. Here’s all it took. Two slices of Wonder Bread, couple of slices of Kraft’s single slice American cheese, a tab of butter, and an unusual round toasting utensil she used to toast the sandwiches over a gas stove.

With my 3 brothers … Mom couldn’t make them quick enough!

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