Monday, January 20, 2014

Parmesan Mayo Burger Sauce [Zack]

If you're tired of the same ole burger toppings, give this creamy parmesan mayo a try.  It's rich, creamy, and tangy and it will perfectly compliment a medium rare burger patty.

We don't have a meat grinder with European plugs, so we hand-chop the beef.  No, it's not fancy.  And no, it's not difficult.  You can control the fat content, and you know where the meat comes from.  I decided to saute shitake mushrooms and add 2 thick slices of bacon on top.


Here are the ingredients for the parmesan mayo sauce:

Grate the parmesan cheese with a micro plane so it's fluffy.  Measure out 1 cup of the cheese (or 1/2 cup of normal gated cheese), and mix in the 4T mayo, 1T mustard, and 1T cream.  Crack some black pepper in there too.

To finish the rest of the burgers:

Chop the beef to your desired texture on a cutting board.  If you want to add more fat, you can intersperse bacon.

Mix in whatever you like in your burgers.  I did some garlic powder and black pepper.

Start the bacon in a cold frying pan with a little bit of oil.  Slowly fry it until crispy brown.  Cook your chopped mushrooms in the same pan.

Toast the buns, and put your parmesan mayo burger sauce on the bottom bun.  Start the burgers in a screaming hot pan and cook until medium rare.  Serve alongside fries and a salad.  Oh, and maybe a beer.

4 T mayo
1T dijon mustard
1T cream
1 cup microplaned parmesan reggiano (it's fluffy), or 1/2 cup grated
Freshly cracked black pepper

Song:  Kavinsky - Odd Look (Feat the Weekend)