Friday, November 4, 2011

Greco-Roman Omelette [Mike]

My father was Greek, my mom Italian.

While Mom did most of the cooking, when Dad cooked he taught my mom
several Greek dishes that originated in Cyprus. Avgolemono and macaroni soup, for starters.

He introduced us to Halloumi, a Greek cheese made only in Cyprus. It was shipped to him from his brother, who still lived in Cyprus, in a gallon jug filled with the cheese in water. Dad would take a chunk and slice it up, then pan fry it in a touch of olive oil. Then he poured a couple scrambled eggs over it. When Mom made the omelette for us, she added fried potatoes.

My recipe involves slicing up some Italian sausage and frying it, adding the Halloumi, then small pre-cooked roasted potatoes and adding three scrambled eggs.

Mmmm, not bad.

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