Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fried Habanero Pickles [Matt]

i'll be making these for our july 4th party, but wanted to do a dry run this weekend! it turned out way better than i thought it would.

use 20 - 30 pickle spears. i used my homemade habanero dill pickles. take the pickles out of the jar so the extra juice can drip away.

make an egg wash in a mixing bowl with 1 large egg and 2/3 cups whole milk.

then make a 50/50 mixture of panko and bread crumbs on a large plate.

take a pickle, dip it in the egg wash, then in the breading until coated (you may need to repeat). place the breaded pickles on a baking sheet with wax paper. once all the pickles have been coated with batter, place the baking sheet into the fridge for 30 minutes. this will help the batter stick to the pickles when frying.

heat up your frying oil of choice (i used canola). once oil is to temp, ease 4 - 8 pickles into the oil at a time, depending on the size of the pot you are frying them in. they take about 3 minutes to fry up. once the pickle is golden brown, place on a drying rack.

give the finished pickles 10+ minutes to cool, then serve with whatever crazy dipping sauce you can think of.

((((cook track)))) Erik Sumo - Left My Heart in the Saloon

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