Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Crack a Coconut Perfectly in Half [Zack]

A cleanly-halved coconut makes a great serving vessel.  You can pour pina coladas, fresh fruit, or even curries into them for a unique presentation.  Below are instructions on how to halve a coconut!


First, you need to drain the water out of the coconut.  To do this, you need to gouge the eyes you with a screwdriver and a hammer.  Rest the coconut on a cutting board so the eyes are facing up, and gently tap the screwdriver point through one of the eyes.  It should go through without too much fuss.  Repeat the process for the other 2 holes. 

 Now your coconut should look sufficiently worried.  Poor lil guy.  

Turn it upside down and let the water drain into a glass.

Once that’s finished, you’ll need to get crackin.  Take the back of a heavy knife (I used the back of my cleaver) and start tapping firmly along the equator of the coconut.  

Slowly turn the coconut in your hand and continue tapping.  You should see a crack form where you were striking it.

Once it’s broken in half, wash out any chipped shell that may have ended up inside, and use it how you like!  Pro tip:  if you are serving a liquid in the half that has the holes from the eyes, you can put a square of baking parchment paper on the bottom so the liquid doesn’t escape!

1 coconut
1 hammer
1 screwdriver
1 heavy knife

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